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Nominations for Board of Directors Opens

  • September 15, 2015
  • October 15, 2015
  • On Line or by mail

Nominations for the PRA's Board of Directors is now open.  There are three (3) Board Members whose term of office expire 12/31/15.  The term of office is for three (3) years.

To learn more about the Board of Directors and what skills are needed, please go to: and download the file that describes all our volunteer description and the job skills needed.

If you would like to nominate any current PRA Member to serve as a Board of Director, please let any Board Member know.  You can find a list of current Board Members at:

You can click on any of the names and it will open/launch your e-mail program so you can send us a message.

This is YOUR PRA!  Participate in the nomination process and if you are interested in serving on the Board, please let me know.

The three words on the scroll of the Coats of Arms are "Vincit amor patriae"

"Vincit amor patriae" means "The love of my country prevails" or "Love of Country Conquers" which is the United States Army 28th Infantry Regiment's motto.   "Vincent amor patriae laudumque immensa cupido" means "The love of my country exceeds everything."

The following motto appears in English above the mountain cat of the original Baron Muncaster Crest.  "Firm, Vigilant, Active" -Virg. AEn. vi. 823 v. Muncaster b. Pennington

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