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Last call for articles "Pennington Pedigrees Fall 2011" issue

  • September 14, 2011 12:07 PM
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    To all Pennington researchers,

    I would like to announce "last call for articles" to be published in the Pennington Pedigrees Fall 2011 issue.  Due date for the articles have been set for September 30th, 2011, but if you need a few more days, that can be arranged.  This should give you 2 weeks to prepare and email the content of your article to both Marsha and myself.  You can email to both and

    Please remember that a "consent form" will also need to be sent along with your article. You will need to complete the below form and email back to the new editor.  Please send me a copy as well to Marsha as we are completing the Fall issue together this time around.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thanks, Melinda Pennington


    To use your material and to avoid any copyright issues, the Pennington Research Association, Inc. (PRA) needs your consent to publish it. We use a publication release form, a copy of which is below.  You can copy and paste the release form into an e-mail, fill it out and send it as an e-mail message to Melinda G. Pennington (

    Or, you can e-mail Melinda and request a consent to publish form be e-mailed to you. Once you receive it, you can copy and paste the form into a new e-mail message, fill it out and then e-mail it to Melinda.

    Or, print this form, then fill in the places where indicated and then mail or email it to:

    Marsha Hanson-Smith

    44 Bracken Hill, Blackglen Rd., Simon's Ridge


    Co. Dublin

    Dublin 1




    Melinda Pennington

    650 Grandview Ridge Court

    Eureka, Missouri   63025



    I hereby grant to the Pennington Research Association, Inc. (PRA) the right to publish my [fill in description of the subject work and/or material here]


    The [fill in description of the subject work and/or material here]


    will be published on the Pennington Research Association's websites and/or in the Pennington Pedigrees and/or some other electronic form such as a CD.

    I understand that my signing of this release form shall in no way affect my ownership of the copyright to said material or prohibit me from using my own material in any way I so desire.

    I hereby grant the Pennington Research Association, Inc. (PRA) the right to publish my [fill in description of the subject work and/or material here]


    and to grant genealogists the right to freely extract data any information from my work and/or material and/or data and exchange that data with other genealogists.

    Accepted and agreed to by:

    Name:  [Fill in your name here] ______________________________

    E-mail address or phone:  [Fill in your e-mail address or phone

    number here] _____________________________________________

    Date:  [Fill in date here] ____________________________________

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