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  • November 27, 2018 5:01 PM
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    Nov 27, 2018, Tuesday - To whom would I contact and send my DNA data and copy of related DNA evidence. Robert Powers was a 100% match in our DNA. Robert is a descent of the Nathanial Power(s) Family. Nathaniel Power(s) was the youngest son of John Wesley Power(s) and Naomi Pennington. Rose (Powers) (Somraty) Yarbrough's mother was Gertrude Estella Powers married to John (Janos) (Szomrati) Somraty. Rose is the daughter of Gertrude (called) (Scotchie) Powers, daughter to Elbert Dewitt Powers. Gertrude's brother Charles Paul Powers completed his DNA for this research. That DNA resulted in an exact match with Robert Powers of Kansas City MO. Robert and Rose met to consult on our common ancestors. We had great success. My Mother passed away as did my father, John Somraty and my Uncle Paul Powers. I will strive to get a male from my Powers family to add another confirmation.  

    My spouse passed away and I am now a widow for the last nearly 4 years. I'm age 82 in 2018, August 8. Now that I've improved my health, I wish to return to our genealogy and update what I have entered in Ancestry. Also, I have maintained a direct contact with Thomas Powers who is a son of one of my Mother's line.

    You may contact me at my phone or email me. I'm excited about these DNA connections and wish to get the Powers back to the 1600 with proof. I hope that works. Hello Powers and Pennington Family Groups.   One more objective. The grave site of Naomi Pennington Power(s) and Nathaniel Power(s) is rapidly eroding  and difficult to read the names.  I wish to inquire as how best to place new grave stones at their burial site in Locust Creek Cemetery.  Also, The Pennington Power Burial site on his property site in IL, Washington County is also eroding. There needs to be a new grave stone as well.  Locust Creek Cemetery is located in Washington County, IL




  • November 28, 2018 1:05 PM
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    Rose Marie:  I'm glad you're having success with your DNA research and your Pennington family tree.  At this time the PRA does not collect mtdna test results.  We only have Y-DNA test results from Pennington males.  So the DNA results from a Powers male would probably not work either since he is not a direct Pennington descendant.

    So I'm afraid I'm not able to help you with the mtdna test results and finding more of your Pennington family history.

    You may wish to talk directly with Dr. Nick Penington, PRA DNA Study Chairman, and see what he has to say about your DNA test results and/or if he can point you in a direction that will help further your research.

    Nick's e-mail address is:

    Gene Pennington

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