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This is the website for the Pennington Research Association (PRA). 

Important Notice

The Pennington Research Association, Inc. (PRA) Board of Directors have reluctantly decided to dissolve the Pennington Research Association, Inc.  We started this discussion earlier this year and hope to complete all actions no later than March 1, 2022.

While the PRA is dissolving, it won't be until March 1, 2022, so you have plenty of time between now and then to enjoy the many benefits of being a PRA Member!  During this period of time, the PRA will provide full services to our active members.

This includes the following:

  • Access to all of our members-only content in the members-only section of our website AND our thousands of digital files in our digital Archives/Library.
  • Plus, all active members as of 1/1/2021 all membership dues will be suspended.  This means you will NOT be asked to pay dues for 2021 so your dues payment now will be good all the way through our process up until March 2022.
  • Plus, access to the PRA's MyHeritage website for the rest of the process.
  • Plus, we are working with the National Genealogical Society (NGS) to ensure all our digital material is preserved and continue access to the PRA's MyHeritage website is available after we dissolve.
  • Plus, we are working with NGS to provide a full year of FREE membership in the NGS if they are an active member as of 1/1/2021.

Gene Pennington, Chairman of the Board and Research Director.


Please look around and check out the many features and discover the benefits of becoming a PRA Member.  

PRA membership provides you with access to the "Members Only" section of this website with many features.  In addition, PRA Membership gives you FREE access to our Members-only website hosted by  

Our MyHeritage website contains our master database titled "PRA Master File".  Our MyHeritage site contains family trees, files and pictures submitted by Members and it contains the most up to date and accurate family data.

The "Members Only" section of this website is updated on a regular basis and there are many helpful suggestions, details on our Family Groups and other items of value including the Pennington Pedigrees (starting with the Spring 2010 issue) and the Pennington Periodicals Volume I, Volume II AND our latest publication, Volume III files.

Please visit our Donation page.  You can donate to our Research Fund, our Library and Archives Fund and to our DNA Fund or all three funds.  We need your continued support to keep these important programs working and available.  

For your convenience we accept credit/debit cards for membership dues, donations and publications.


A Message from the President

We're glad you found us and welcome to a site that we think is quite comprehensive. Many volunteers contribute to this site. They have varying backgrounds in genealogy but all are interested in the Penningtons and their attendant families.  We all try to be as accurate as possible with the information cited here.

Communication is the heart of genealogy and here is a place this can happen.  Try all the parts of this Pennington site.  Take what you can and what applies to you and we hope you will have something to share with us. We invite you to become a member.

Please note that emails, address and phone numbers are here and our volunteers will help as they can within the limits of their time and resources. Our dedicated webmaster updates frequently.  Maybe we can point you in a new direction for your research.

Again welcome and come back often.

What's New?

Upcoming events

December 08, 2020 12:00 PM • Online or by mail
December 15, 2020 12:00 PM • Online
December 30, 2020 12:00 PM • Online and in Person

We Will Never Forget!

waving flag.gif NY Tribute With Lights_small.jpg  eagle_small.jpg fdnyicesculpt_small.jpg
September 11, 2001

The three words on the scroll of the Coats of Arms are "Vincit amor patriae"

"Vincit amor patriae" means "The love of my country prevails" or "Love of Country Conquers" which is the United States Army 28th Infantry Regiment's motto.   "Vincent amor patriae laudumque immensa cupido" means "The love of my country exceeds everything."

The following motto appears in English above the mountain cat of the original Baron Muncaster Crest.  "Firm, Vigilant, Active" -Virg. AEn. vi. 823 v. Muncaster b. Pennington

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